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Quick Facts:

  • % Contribution to GDP: 1.83 (1994)
  • Fishing Area: EEZ (7700 km2); Shelf (900 km2)./li>
  • Fishermen: 1240 (about 82.3% full-time)
  • Fishing Fleet: The largest percentage (12.3%) of registered vessels operate out of Grenville and Gouyave (10.5%) and Petite Martinique (8.4%).
  • Landing sites: 29 on Grenada, 10 on the Grenadines
  • Fish Imports: 577 MT/1.9US $ M (1994)
  • Fish Exports: 477 MT/3.1 US$ M (1993)
  • Fish vendors/hawkers: 50
  • Fish processors: 5
  • Importers: None Reported
  • Exporters: 4 Major
  • Subsidies: Up to 100% on marine fuel, boats, engines, fishing gear and other related supplies. To qualify for subsidies a vessel must exceed a minimum value for its landings by commercial fishermen.


  1. Fisheries complexes with docking, processing, marketing and gear storage facilities are strategically located in various ports around Grenada. The majority of the catch is sold to vendors and fish exporters. Fish exports (particularly of yellowfin tuna) are increasing due to greater availability of ice and cold storage facilities and improvements in quality control procedures. Most fish caught in Grenada (especially from Petite Martinique) is transported to Martinique using trading vessels.
  2. Fish exports increased by 3.9% from 1993 to 1994, notwithstanding the fact that landings decreased 26% over the same period. On the average, tunas remain the main export item for Grenada, increasing from 50.3% to 68.8% by value between 1993 and 1994. Sea urchins contributed some 9.3% to the value of exports, becoming the second most profitable marine product.
  3. Cod represents 29.5% of total fish and fish products.

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